Trick Trick’s “No Fly Zone” expanded to include all airlines


To all my airlines and all my passengers, best say hi to yo boy Tricky. Welcome To Detroit!

To all my airlines and all my passengers, best say hi to yo boy Tricky. Welcome To Detroit!

After Rick Ross got ran out of Detroit this past week, due to Trick Trick’s proclaimed “No Fly Zone”, much has been said about how it is unfair to the local economy, and to the fans and promoters in Detroit who pay to see these rappers perform. This isn’ t the first time Tricky has enforced it, he punked out Styles P once, and Trick Daddy twice. Well, unfortunately for all airline commuters and drug dealing drone operators in the city, Trick Trick has now upgraded his No Fly Zone to include any aircraft in the Metro Detroit area. He released a statement:

“I’m tired of these pussy ass airlines makin all this money in MY city, and not sharing it with The Goon Squad. I don’t give a fuck if the airport is in Romulus, them muthafuckas need to come up off they money too. From now on, any airplane that I see fly over Detroit is gettin shot down with an RPG. Don’t let me see yo ass fly through my city without landing your aircraft, giving me some money, and posing for a selfie with yo boy. Then, after we commiserate, I shall allow you to fly back out of Detroit. Trick Trick, Goon Squad, 313 representin in this bitch!”

When reached for comment, American Airlines said, “We have not reached out to Christian “Trick Trick” Mathis as of yet, but rest assured we will come to some sort of agreement. We are used to the corruption in Detroit, and we keep a separate fund for just such occasions. We love the Motor City, and intend on continuing to do business there.”

Spirit Airlines could not be reached for comment, as any comment needs to be FOIA’d at an arbitrary airline fee of $100.


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