Lazy advertising on Facebook: Part 1

Facebook is every company’s dream: (mostly) free advertising, huge exposure, and plenty of mindless morons who readily lap up their inane posts. Now, I know I shouldn’t expect too much, but some of this stuff is just plain lazy.

1. Walmart

Screenshot (1)

This is the ad that I feel can only exist in America. I mean, who the hell else is lazy enough to put a freaking PEE PAD in their house, because they are too lazy to take their dog out? Don’t tell me you use it to “train your precious dog”, because that’s what properly used positive reinforcement with shock collars and Snausages is for. Wait…I got it: the person who invented the litter box for cats wanted to branch out into the lucrative canine urination department, so he invented these.

Only in America.

Oh, and Walmart: I have a tip for you 🙂 start paying your employees decent wages, give them decent insurance, and stop acting like you give a damn. Your millions of Facebook friends might believe your facade, but I sure don’t.

Wait…most of your FB “friends” spend their time making snarky comments about your customer service. Never mind, carry on.


2. Best Buy

Screenshot (2)

Sure, that’s what I want to do on July 4th…have a loud one! It’s not enough that I have to deal with drunken friends, loudmouth relatives, and fireworks that sound like intercontinental ballistic missiles. I need it LOUD!

The only thing vaguely celebrating Independence Day is the red, white, and blue products in this picture. Lazy advertising at its finest! Also, if I ever spend $200 on a “pill”, it better be an everlasting Oxy, goddammit.







3. FYE

Screenshot (3)Ok…not only is this lazy, this is also pretty damn tasteless. Sure, we have gale force winds tearing the roof off our house, but IT SURE HELPS TO PICTURE A CARTOON CHARACTER DOING IT!

Fucking idiots. Also, fuck you FYE for helping to hasten the demise of the independent music retailers. Go photoshop a foot in your motherfucking asses.







4. H.H. Gregg

Screenshot (4)  Which brings us to the good old trivia post. It is tailor made for the discerning customer who has to google the answer, because it is important for their answer to be known to the rest of the world. Dammit, they HAVE to know how smart I am, because I was the 1,498th person to know that July is National Blueberry Month!

And a big LOL at Jimmie Myers, who poses the question “A?”, right after H.H. Gregg posted the answer.

Yep, advertising at its finest.



Now, dear companies: if you are actually going to pay money to sponsor these idiotic ads, then at least put some semblance of creativity in them. It can be done, trust me. If I wanted to see narcissistic, histrionic, lazy drivel, then I’d just read the status updates in my news feed!

Till next time…



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