April Fools! A short look at hypocrisy in politics

We seem to have a history of hypocrisy in politics. From the “Religious Freedom” laws being passed or introduced in many states (a thinly veiled excuse to discriminate against people, which doesn’t seem very Christian to me), to the “Right To Work” laws that allow the firing of any worker without cause, things are getting ridiculous. It almost sounds like a George Carlin stand-up monologue. “Near Miss? NEAR MISS? No, it was a near fucking HIT!!!”
In case our politicians run out of ideas, here are some new laws they could introduce:
The Anti-Hypocrisy Against Gays Act: This means if you go on record backing the discrimination against gays, then you shall not be able to participate in gay sexual acts. Seem simple enough? Obviously not for the several politicians who have gotten caught with male escorts in the past few years.
The Loving Family Act: This means if you are a married politicians, you shall not participate in adulterous acts. Seem simple enough? Not enough, since a politician who DOESN’T cheat on their spouse is the exception, not the rule.
The Truth In Drug Use Act: If you are addicted to prescription pills, then you have no right to talk about the illicit drug use of others (Rush Limbaugh is a good example). Clean up your own house before pointing out how dirty other houses are.
The Equal Financial Opportunity Act: If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or benefited from tax loopholes, corporate welfare, and unethical business dealings to become wealthy, then you have no right to complain about the poor people in our country who are simply trying to get by the best they can. And you can quit the charade of believing you understand how it is, because unless you’ve ever struggled financially (being homeless or starving, not only being able to afford a Mercedes C-Class car), then you have no idea.
Happy April Fools Day! Just remember: everybody plays the fool sometimes, especially in Washington D.C…


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