I got a couple calls from a number with an 844 area code today. Now, whenever I get calls from numbers I don’t recognize, I always screen them, with the assumption that if it is someone important, they will leave me a message. Now, this caller left me a message all right, but not the one I would have expected.

To paraphrase (I erased it and don’t remember exactly how it went): “This is a call for (name computer generated, which was my last name and an unintelligible first name that wasn’t mine, and is now redacted for my anonymity) to inform you that if you do not call us back, we will pursue this matter further in the legal system and issue you a summons to court.”

Well, that was interesting. I figured it wasn’t an actual attorney, since it is illegal for attorneys to threaten lawsuits on messages. And I figured it wasn’t an actual debt collector, since I don’t have any outstanding debts. But who the hell are these fruitcakes? I decided to do some online searching:

Screenshot (44)

The name of the company is Elite Check Solutions, and are possibly based in Florida. Apparently, they either data mine or buy personal info from people that do, and then send out automated messages claiming that people owe them money, in hopes that people will be intimidated or naive enough to pay them.

Of course, there isn’t much information about them online…except for this article that you are reading! Thanks to the power of search engine optimization, in about a month or so, when someone searches for “Elite Check Solutions” online, this article should be front and center in the search. You want to play pretend lawyers, Elite Check Solutions? Go ahead and sue me for pretend slander, you shameless vultures! That is, if you are still in business, since I’d imagine you will eventually be arrested for fraud or harassment.

If you get a number from 844-780-6738, 844-299-9339, or any other 844 number that sounds suspicious, then it is probably Elite Check Solutions. They have been attempting to scam people for the past few months now, so DO NOT talk to them if they call. If you do talk to them, then DO NOT PAY THEM ANYTHING, OR AGREE TO PAY THEM ANYTHING. They apparently make up debts under false pretenses, and they never did inform me what “debts” they were calling me for (which is also illegal for debt collectors). These calls are just the latest in a perpetual wave of scammers, and like I said, they will probably fall to the wayside soon enough.

Have you been called by Mediocre Debt Collecting Dipshits Elite Check Solutions? Leave me a comment about your experience.



  1. I received a call from 844-780-6738 stating I have a law suit and they new what I drove they new my little misdemeanor I have and everything about me they said if I didn’t pay them 1050 they would continue with the lawsuit and it would go up to 5000 and when they answered they said Legal but I never heard the name of the law firm. O they also said they would hold my tags for my vehicles and would get hold of the IRS to get garnishment off of me what do I do

    1. It’s illegal for them to make any sort of threat over the phone, and it is impossible for them to do anything that they said, except to file a civil suit. Businesses do not have any control over the criminal court system, and surely not the DMV or Secretary of State. Thank you for your comment, it certainly helps to expose these illegally operated businesses!

  2. I received a phone call from them this week. They said there was a civil complaint against my daughter regarding a PayDay loan. They told me she could possibly go to jail if the loan is not settled. The wanted $908.57 to settle. I asked for the name of the company, and all they would say is they were a legal mediation service. I asked if they had a website, they said “unfortunately, no”. I told them to email me documents. They said it was too late, the papers will be submitted to the court today and payment had to be made today to prevent my daughter from going to jail. I asked a bunch of other questions, and given answers, none of which made any logical sense. I told them I wouldn’t do anything until I talked to my daughter. After a talk with my daughter it was clear that this looked like a scam. Then I did some Googling and found a lot of reports of scams like this. I have since blocked their phone number from my residence and all the cell phone on my family plan. At first they had me somewhat convinced. But after asking questions I got extremely suspicious. How do these people live with themselves knowing they are ripping off innocent people? They really do have criminal minds and do not care.

  3. 8447806738. That’s the number I got a call from. They said my ex- mother-in-law said I would be willing to help pay off her debt. They told me they would settle for $630.00. I told them no. They let me end it there…

  4. Just got a call from 844-780-6738, of course it was an autodialer and said a name that might have been my wife’s but was just impossible to make out clearly. I was sure it was a scam but I am not one to pass up a chance to settle my own curiosity. I called them back, asked who they were and what they did. They said the company/firm was ECS legal and they they mediate legal suits most often related to debt or bad checks. They then looked at the caller ID and asked if was (Debra something) and i let them know I had no clue who that was, Now they asked me for my information to un-associate the number which I said no thanks to and they talked right over me after that for a few seconds and hung up.

    Definitely not legit.

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