Now that I have a new, paraphrased version of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s classic song stuck in your head, I would like to direct your attention to this new CGI video that was released amidst China’s commemorations for the end of World War II. This video is the equivalent of the nerd in high school who was bullied and humiliated, and is still grasping with insecurity, yet has become successful in adulthood and is able to make some kickass videos.

Even though the video is fairly nondescript as to what “enemy” the Chinese armed forces are fighting, you will notice F-22 fighter jets getting blown up by missiles. The only country that operates F-22’s is…you guessed it, the United States. Also of note are the aircraft carriers getting blown up that resemble ones in usage by the U.S. Navy. There has also been a strong anti-Japanese sentiment subtly expressed over these Chinese commemorations, which is a sentiment that has persisted ever since WWII itself.

As of now, China’s army is almost as twice as big as the United States’ army (even though Chinese president Xi Jinping stated that he would cut 300,000 troops from the army recently), and their naval and air forces are comparable in size and technology.

I would say that this video would make the basis for an awesome video game, but China has only recently lifted their ban on video game consoles, and they still censor or ban most video games that contain military imagery. They might allow something as blatantly nationalistic as this, however.


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