Kid gets kicked out of school for clock, gets invited to Public Enemy concert

Ahmed Mohammed, the precocious teenager who built a clock from scratch took apart a digital clock, mounted the exposed electronics to a briefcase, and ran around showing off his brand new “invention”, got temporarily kicked out of school on suspicions of having built a bomb. Of course, the liberal vulture victims came out in full force, crying about racism (Mohammed is of Middle Eastern descent), without asking themselves why a kid would run around school showing off this contraption to begin with. I’m no bomb or electronics expert, and even I can acknowledge the similarities of looks between capacitors and blasting caps, and power sources and plastic explosives.

Another kid was actually kicked out of school recently for wearing a clock. This wasn’t a digital clock, but a large analog dial clock such as the one Flavor Flav (Public Enemy and countless reality shows) popularized in the late 1980’s. Jeremy Smith, the student, released this statement:

“So I walked into school wearing this clock, and my throwback Public Enemy shirt and Zubaz pants. Of course, the security guard noticed me and sent me to the principal’s office, where I was then told I was to remain expelled indefinitely due to my school’s No Tolerance policy.”

But this story does have a happy ending: Flavor Flav heard about this travesty, and invited the boy and his friends to a Public Enemy concert. Flav released a statement of his own:

“YEAAHHH BOYYYYY, Flavor Flav heard about this kid getting kicked out of school just for wearing a clock like me! What kind of bullshit is that, yo? It aint like he wore a Viking hat! Anyway, me and Chuck are gonna help him fight the powers that be by inviting him to our next Public Enemy show! FLAVORRRR FLAVVV!”

I thought it was a nice gesture, personally. It may not be the White House (which President Barack Obama personally invited Mohammed to), but a PE concert would be much more entertaining. Welcome To The Terror(ist)Dome!


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