Todd Courser knows less about social media than he does about marital fidelity and politics

This is Todd Courser's official Twitter page. Notice that he followed the page

This is Todd Courser’s official Twitter page. Notice that he followed the page “hornyfact”, which is a page for “…interesting, funny, and mind blowing sex acts.”

Todd Courser, the former Republican representative for Michigan, is as clueless with social media as he is with the voting public. While he spends his days and nights updating his Facebook page with snarky comments (which he soon deletes), recording irrelevant YouTube videos that have the production values of a 1970’s TV after school special, and uploading pictures of his pawns to be used to draw sympathy kids, he still hasn’t bothered to make one tiny correction on his Facebook page.

Yes, apparently he IS STILL a representative for Michigan…


That’s news to voters of Lapeer County, who basically ignored his desperate last-chance attempt to regain his office after unceremoniously resigning it before he could be impeached. His colleague and fellow Christian family values cohort Cindy Gamrat, who actually WAS impeached over the whole affair, has managed to update her Facebook page saying that she is a FORMER representative. Why can’t Mr. Courser do the same? Every time I think this guy can’t get any more ignorant and delusional, he goes out and does something even more ignorant and/or delusional.

Here’s some advice, Todd: The voting public will put up with hypocrisy, such as when an elected official whose platform is based on Christian family values goes and cheats on his wife with another elected official. The voting public will put up with misuse of taxpayer dollars, such as when taxpaying dollars were used to investigate your affair and alleged “extortion plot”. The voting public will even put up with politicians who accomplish absolutely nothing of importance and relevance, such as you did.

But there is one thing WE WILL NOT STAND FOR: The misuse of social media! Get it together, man.


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