A statement on the November 13th Paris shootings and bombings

My thoughts are with the people in Paris this morning. I’ve noticed people pointing the blame at many different things, but the only thing to blame is religious extremism. These types of cowardly attacks under the guise of religion have gone on for many centuries, although this is apparently the worst tragedy in Paris since WWII.

Prayers aren’t the solution, because the terrorists who perpetrated this massacre are also praying right now…except in gratitude.

What we need is constructive and decisive action to defeat ANY religious extremists, especially the Islamic State/ISIS, who are bent on terrorizing peaceful societies. And, most importantly, we need to realize that terrorism against NATO countries will continue to happen as long as we perpetrate civil wars in the Middle East just to maintain our oil interests and spheres of influence.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – Isaac Newton

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