A quick look at terrorist acts in the U.S. from 2010 to the present


11/22/2015: Updated with the proper calculations (I never was good at math!)

The Cabela’s conservatives in the United States (along with a neuroscientist that says a lot of stupid things, and a really rich guy with an awful toupee) would have us believe that Muslims are the definition of modern terrorism.

Well, from 2010 to right now, there have been a total of 18 acts of terrorism here in the U.S. Out of that group, we have:

16 white guys, who almost all identified as Christian
2 black guys, who were converts to Islam
2 Arabics, who were Islamic

(2 of the attacks were committed by two people)

Source: Wikipedia

Now, you all can piss and moan about how Muslims are going to be the undoing of this country due to terrorism. But, at 4:1 odds, the smart money would be to stay away from crazy Christians who have lots of guns and lots of opinions. How can we spot one of these people? Well, these potential terrorists can usually be found commenting on Facebook news articles, with eloquently written diatribes on who and what belongs in “my country”.

I may not be a political man, but I am a gambling man, and I go where the smart money is. Even Donald “Can I switch parties to National Socialism?” Trump would have to respect that.


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