NASCAR: The perfect show for toddlers



This is a great idea for a stroller, as long as it doesn’t have a restrictor plate.

After giving my son dinner, a bath, and cleaning up the trail of destruction he had left behind him, I decided to put on a TV show. But, what to watch? I can only tolerate Elmo’s World so much before I have visions of tossing my TV onto the street, and I sure don’t live on Sesame Street.

After flipping through channels of the usual mindless dreck, my son’s eyes lit up at the unexpected visual delight on NBC. It was the NASCAR Ford Brickyard 400, but to him it was top level entertainment. What makes NASCAR so interesting to toddlers?

-Lots of repetition

-Lots of cars

-Lots of “vroom vroom” car sounds

-The occasional car crash

-Hundreds of different camera angles used

-Hundreds of laps in the race

-The color commentary that is spoken at their age-appropriate level

Well, that does it, if it’s good enough for my son, it’s good enough for me.

Just one question: do adults actually find NASCAR entertaining?


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