Steve Harvey never knew a Family Feud like this


Steve Harvey, comedian and host of the long-running game show “Family Feud”, made one hell of a mistake while hosting the Miss Universe pageant last night. He accidentally crowned Miss Colombia as winner, before realizing that she was a runner up and that Miss Phillipines was the true winner. Of course, he went on Twitter to apologize to “Miss Columbia” and “Miss Phillipians”, but the damage was already done at that point.

A great way to make amends, and possibly end the decades long civil war in Colombia, would be to invite representatives of the Colombian government and representatives of FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) onto his game show Family Feud. Imagine that…

Steve Harvey: The subject here is the ways that the U.S. government have screwed the citizens of Colombia.

Colombian government representative: School Of The Americas!

Steve Harvey: Survey says…*ding ding*

FARC representative: Plan Colombia!

Steve Harvey: Survey says…*ding ding*

For those unaware of the backstory here, here’s the short version. The U.S. has been a huge supplier of foreign aid to Colombia ever since the Cold War era, under the auspices of coca plant eradication and communism eradication. This is still going on to this day, despite the left-wing FARC still having control of a considerable portion of Colombia, and despite the United States still being the largest per-capita drug using country in the world. The wars in Colombia between government (and puppet government) forces, and left and right wing forces has left an estimated 250,000 dead, with a large portion of farmland destroyed due to the herbicides used to eradicate the coca plants.

Imagine if a game show could magically help end all of these atrocities! The U.S. government has given Colombia a cumulative total of well over 7 billion dollars in foreign aid to date, so I’m sure this may be a much more cost-effective method.

Now let’s play…FAMILY FEUD!!!


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