Mitch Albom writes yet another insufferable article for the Detroit Free Press


Mitch Albom, of “Tuesdays With Morrie” fame and other pseudo-Christian lowest denomination schlock, wrote an article for the Detroit Free Press sticking up for Leigh Arthur, a South Carolina high school teacher who left naked pictures of herself on her cell phone. One of her students got ahold of her phone when she left it unattended on top of her desk in her classroom, and the student accessed the pictures and sent them to his classmates.

Incredibly, Albom thinks the teacher is completely faultless. Here are the facts of the story:

-Arthur was a computer programming teacher, which makes her inability to password-protect her cell phone even more astounding.

-Arthur had let her students on her cellphone previously. For what reason is still unclear, but I’m guessing it wasn’t anything school related.

-Arthur left the phone on top of her desk when she left the classroom.

-Arthur admits that the pictures were easily accessible on her phone. She was quoted as saying “(the student) had to hit my apps button, and then open my gallery”, as if this was an incredibly devious and intricate operation.

Albom made a terrible analogy, basically saying that if the phone were a car, the student would be charged with joyriding even if the student had permission to drive the car previously. Well, if that car was left in front of the student while running with the keys in the ignition, that would be considered a mitigating factor in any court system.

It just astounds me that someone such as Albom, who shoves his faith down Metro Detroit’s collective throats, would stick up for a teacher who left nude pictures of herself in an easily accessible area. What if he had a student in Arthur’s classroom? Would he be OK with his child being exposed to his teacher’s naked pictures? Instead of blaming this generation’s children, he should take a hard look in the mirror (but not too hard, as his toupee might fall off). Kids have been going through teachers’ desks as long as there have been schools, and this situation is no different than if Arthur had left a photo album with nude pictures on top of her desk. The fact that she left it on top of her desk, as opposed to putting it inside of her desk (or, actually taking the phone with her!) makes her even more at fault. If this teacher would have been male, and it would have been a female student that found the pictures, I guarantee that Albom wouldn’t have stuck up for the teacher. No matter the gender, what the teacher did was inexcusable.

The kid should obviously be punished, but to excuse Arthur’s actions is hypocritical and morally reprehensible. She violated any reasonable teacher’s contract by bringing in an unlocked and unattended cell phone with nude pictures of herself, and that irresponsibility should be punished accordingly.



  1. Mitch Albom is Jewish, not Christian, not that its inclusion in your argument made sense. But you should at least try to be accurate. Here’s where your argument breaks down: Should the student have found the photos, felt victimized, and reported it, then we’re looking at a different situation. Worse if she’d shown the photos unprompted. Instead, he found the photos, and DISTRIBUTED THEM. Letting someone borrow your phone in the past—to what, make calls or look up something on the Internet?–does not give the student the right to go through the phone and look at private photos. Period.

    Your “kids will be kids” argument is as repugnant as “boys will be boys” excuse we’ve used to dismiss rape culture. We’ve got to stop treating children like precious little snowflakes and start thinking about the kind of adults we want them to become.

    1. The point of this article was to say that the teacher should not be held completely blameless. I stated that the kid should be punished. Mitch Albom has a long history of writing disingenuous articles, like when he was suspended in 2005 for blatantly lying in his articles. The student should be punished, but the teacher was also irresponsible and should be punished accordingly.

    2. Also: speaking of dismissing rape culture, isn’t that what Mitch Albom did a couple of months ago when he talked about Erica Kinsman, when she won a settlement from Florida State University over the alleged sexual assault by Jamies Winston?


      1. Sorry, never saw the notification about the reply until I’m clearing out my spam folder.

        Even Albom’s boss thought the 2005 incident was blown WAY out of proportion: At some point, it’s time to let that die.

        And as for the FSU case, I heard his response on his radio show, and give him credit for clarifying and to the work he does:

        Sure it’s easy to just quote vitriolic clickbait “media” working off of soundbites than actually investigate an issue for yourself. But I have my own visceral reactions to takedowns like this when someone misspeaks that never actually ask or consider the subject’s perspective, intent, and meaning. And from a journalistic standpoint, never both to hide a bias or ask for comment.

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