Ben Carson, U.S. Secretary Of Education?


*SNORE* ZZZzzzZZZzzz…”Oh shit, is this mic still on?”

Can you say that with a straight face? I couldn’t even type out that headline without laughing. Unfortunately, this isn’t a laughing matter, although I will try to get as much tasteless humor from it as possible.

Donald Trump, current GOP frontrunner, has apparently returned Ben Carson’s endorsement in kind, by stating that Carson would help him with “education issues”. What issues? Learning to talk above a 4th grade level? Oh wait…Trump means OUR education issues. Well, considering the majority of Americans think he’s qualified to be the commander in chief of our country, I would be inclined to agree.

Ben Carson, however, has some issues of his own:

-He believes in the theory of creationism, as opposed to evolution. Evolution is generally the agreed upon hypothesis in any learning environment outside of Trump University and “Sunday school”.

-Speaking of schools, Carson said that “The best education is the education that is closest to home, and I’ve found that for instance home-schoolers do the best, private schoolers next best, charter schoolers next best, and public schoolers worst.” On what metrics is Carson basing this on? The fact that HE went to public school?

-Carson wrote in his book “America The Beautiful” that Americans were better educated in the 1830’s than they are now. If Carson is basing this statement on Facebook news comments, then yes I agree. Unfortunately, if he’s basing this statement on literacy, and primary, secondary, and higher education enrollment and graduation statistics, then it’s not true.

One thing Carson IS good at: surgical procedures. If the whole Trump trainwreck actually derails sometime this year, maybe Carson can develop an exploratory procedure which would involve removing Trump’s head from his ass.



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