I just listened to Babymetal for the first time ever


Although I pride myself on staying informed on current musical trends, I admit that much of it is annoying. Genre-mixing just for the sake of it (I’m looking at you, songwriter in Nashville attempting to write the next country hit!) is annoying. Especially in the world of metal. It can be executed right, and some of it I dig, but most of the time I’d just rather crank some fucking Slayer. Keep it simple and brutal.

I just listened to Babymetal for the first time today, as they released a new album called “Metal Resistance” on April 1st. I had heard of them for awhile, but never got around to listening to them, as the combination of J-Pop and metal sounds as incongruous as if Donald Trump would if he were to host the BET Awards.

Well, I admit it: their music is catchy AF, and is executed way more impressively than I expected. Sure, it sounds somewhat weird, but it’s weird in an endearing way, not weird as in a Wesley Willis way. It’s not something that I’m gonna download and crank up in the morning on the way to work (Crowbar and coffee is still the breakfast of champions), but it is something that I can objectively appreciate for what it is. I’ve always been a fan of Japanese culture, and Babymetal is pretty much like the caricatures of an Anime cartoon brought to life.

Kind of like these guys used to be…


Here is Babymetal’s latest video, “Karate”:


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