Death metal: When keeping it real goes wrong

Death metal is the gangster rap of the metal world. Vocalists that scream about killing people in the most lyrically obscene ways are to be expected. A vocalist who actually goes out and kills…well, that’s unexpected.

Erick Shute, a 32 year old former frontman for the band Pyrexia, failed music promoter, and self-proclaimed “sovereign citizen”, murdered 3 of his neighbors in West Virginia on June 13th. Apparently there had been some animosity between Shute and his neighbors, which is said to involve stolen firewood. Shute killed the 3 neighbors with his AR-15 semi automatic rifle, and ended up leading law enforcement officers on an 8 hour manhunt, all the while updating his Facebook page. See, now THAT is a good example of “personal branding”!


Not that I condone his actions or anything. Despite what Shute says, this is clearly not a case of “self-defense”, and is clearly a case of cold-blooded murder. He took three lives for no reason whatsoever, he ruined the families of the victims, and he has now ruined his own life. It’s a shame, I thought he was a decent vocalist for Pyrexia (he had exited the band in 2014), and his vocal delivery reminded me of Frank Mullen from Suffocation.

Here is Shute on one of Pyrexia’s best known songs (speaking of Suffocation, the album Feast Of Iniquity features ex-Suffo drummers Dave Culross and Doug Bohn):


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