Not in this lifetime? Adler reunites with G’n’R

The word Adler translates to “eagle” in German, but a phoenix may be a more fitting bird to represent Steven Adler, who has managed to pull off the impossible and play a reunited show with his former bandmates in Guns N Roses, in Cincinnati Ohio on July 6th. He played two songs off of Appetite For Destruction: “Out Ta Get Me”, and “My Michelle”.

I’ve said it before, but as much as people like to rip on Steven Adler, his drumming was the “X-factor” that made AFD such a great album. He had a distinct shuffle (a good example would be the drumming on “Mr. Brownstone”), and while he wasn’t/isn’t a great drummer in the technical sense, he has loads of soul and swing in his playing. Much like Lars Ulrich from Metallica…another drummer who gets ripped on for perceived lack of skill. But, could you imagine a different drummer than Lars for Metallica? Not me.

And I couldn’t imagine a different drummer than Adler. Matt Sorum is a great drummer, and his drumming on the Use Your Illusion albums was fantastic. But it’s good to see Axl and the boys give Adler another shot on stage, and hopefully it won’t just be a one-time thing.


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