Presidential fashion: dress to impress…or depress

In an election with arguably the two most unlikable and repulsive presidential candidates in U.S. history, merch has played a considerable role. From Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat, to Hillary Clinton’s array of fashion that looks like it was pulled off the Target clothes rack, there have been some interesting choices available. Here are some notable ones:


Here is the most popular one of them all, the one that would be fashionable at an old school country club where people still drink Rob Roys, and also fashionable at a trailer park where people still drink Milwaukee’s Best 40’s.

Unfortunately for a hat that says “Make America Great Again”, this hat isn’t fully American. It is actually made in America, but from foreign fabrics.


Here is the official Trump-Pence campaign shirt! Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly), it doesn’t feature the infamous “TP” logo. Either way, this is a lazy logo, and I wouldn’t pay two pence for this shirt.


Want to look like the world’s biggest hypocrite? Then slap this sticker on your car. Trump, a man who got multiple draft deferments for no reason but for being a rich daddy’s boy, is apparently for veterans now. Except for POW’s like U.S. congressman John McCain, who was a POW in Vietnam for almost 6 years, and who managed to survive and become a successful politician, only to have Trump say that he likes veterans that “didn’t get captured”, which was a dig at McCain.


Now we move to Hillary’s merch, which is more creative, if overpriced and pretentious. This shirt is one of her better ones though: simple and clean design, with a subtle dig against Trump. I don’t know about the message though:   every time I turn on the news, it looks like hate is trumping love.


This is a pair of shot glasses, apparently made from “shattered glass ceilings”. Which is an even more dubious claim than the Trump hats being American made. Clever feminist humor aside, this will be the perfect gift for all of us if Hillary gets elected. In fact, if she wins the election, forget the shot glass, give me the damn bottle.


We sure have a lot of cards nowadays. Man cards, race cards, green cards. Now you can have an official Woman Card! Will this let us pick up any women that we want? Will this work as well as my “F.B.I. Federal Boob Inspector” card that I had as a kid?

Oh wait…never mind. I’m just surprised that Donald Trump hasn’t come out with a Trump Card yet.


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