Someone needs to buy Rick Ta Life a drum machine

Rick Healey, aka Rick Ta Life, aka NYHC King RTL, recently did a backyard show. Now, for those familiar with 25 Ta Life, we all know that Rick lost his mind many, many years ago. Here is the state of 25 Ta Life in 2016:


This video may only be 2 minutes long, but there are plenty of LOL worthy moments in it.

Keep in mind, this is a man who once performed wearing a bulletproof vest…backwards. This is a man who once dropped acid and rode a horse, which became an urban legend and even a website ( This is a man who bootlegged many bands back in the day, and had the nerve to sell the mixtapes at his shows (leading to quite a few confrontations). This is a man who called himself the NYHC (New York Hardcore) King, when he was living in New Jersey. This is a man who once shaved off his dreadlocks and attempted to sell them on MySpace to pay for his medical bills. Speaking of MySpace, his bulletins are the stuff of legend. He has probably called out every hardcore band on the East Coast, talking shit about them on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Needless to say, his social media skills aren’t the best.


And yes, there is his rap song, which is quite possibly the worst rap song that I’ve ever heard.

Embarassing moments aside, I will cop to still listening to Friendship Loyalty Commitment once in awhile, it is actually a legit hardcore album.

But dammit Rick, get yourself a drummer!



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