2005 was a very bad year for Donald Trump


Hillary and Bill Clinton, with Donald and Melania Trump, at Trump’s wedding in 2005.

There has always been a huge division between what a politician says and does in public, what they actually say and do behind closed doors, and how the public ultimately perceives what they say. John F. Kennedy, one of our most beloved presidents, was a notorious drug abuser and womanizer. Ronald Reagan was basically a figurehead in his last four years in office due to illness and dementia.

Donald Trump, however, has blasted the traditional rules of politics to smithereens during this 2016 presidential election. No matter what he says or does, it seems like he is untouchable (as opposed to any women in his immediate vicinity, who apparently can get touched at any time by the Donald).

The leaked audio tape of Trump and Billy Bush (of the Bush political family), however, may just hit a breaking point. Trump and Bush conversate like tryhard frat boys who talk about getting laid but never actually seem to get laid. Trump talks about “grabbing women by their pussy” and having sex with a married woman. Keep in mind, this was in 2005. What else happened in 2005? Well…

-Trump married his current wife, Melania Trump. Marrying someone is normally a good thing, but the marriage was obviously already on shaky ground if Trump is talking about cheating on Melania that very same year. Trump said in an interview with Howard Stern that “he wouldn’t do anything to take care of (any kids that he would have with Melania)” that same year, as well.

Then again, Trump has never been the faithful type in his marriages. During his second one to Marla Maples, Trump has been accused in a civil lawsuit of raping a 13 year old girl on four separate occasions, the last occasion where he reportedly slapped her and threatened to kill her and her family if she told anyone about it. This civil lawsuit is still active. The case is also scheduled for a court appearance in December, to determine if it should be brought to trial in criminal court as well. If Donald Trump actually does become president-elect, I would imagine it will be pretty awkward for the entire world if he is criminally charged with molesting and raping a 13 year old child.

-Despite what Trump says about Hillary and Bill Clinton, he was friends with them in the 1990’s and 2000’s. It went beyond the thousands of dollars that he personally donated to Hillary’s campaigns in 7 separate years. Hillary and Bill were actually invited to Donald and Melania Trump’s wedding. In fact, Hillary was sitting in the front row as they exchanged their vows.

-The 2005 cast of The Apprentice, Trump’s hit reality show, have given interviews in which they demean Trump as someone that verbally and sexually harassed them.

-In 2005, Trump apparently got an almost $40 million tax deduction on his taxes, simply for pledging not to build a golf course. This story was one of the biggest controversies regarding his taxes, or lack thereof.

And…if you want to see how our current Republican presidential candidate acted in 2005, here’s an interview (one of many) with him and Howard Stern, where he discusses his new marriage to Melania:


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