Canada tells America that we “are already great”

In the biggest viral YouTube video this election season since old Howard Stern archived videos of interviews with Donald Trump, a group of considerate Canucks have made a video telling us that we are great! Of course, this is in reference to the implication that we AREN’T already great and that we need to be made great again. Gee, thanks Canada!

I know a lot of people rip on Canada here in the U.S. In fact, a catchy little ditty called “Blame Canada” was actually nominated for an Academy Award back in 1999! As a Michigan resident, I am very familiar with Canadian culture. So, to return the favor, let me tell YOU how much you are great:

-The 19 year old drinking age (18 years in the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec). This one is a given…although it used to be much easier to head over to Windsor for a night of debauchery, before border control and Canada’s (overly) restrictive laws on who can and can’t visit.

-Canada has many metal bands who are awesome: Voivod, Annihilator, Kataklysm, and Despised Icon are all good examples. Rush is seriously awesome, as well. We can almost forgive you for Nickelback and Justin Bieber…almost.

-Canada has some of the most beautiful country in the world, especially in the Northwest Territories. Of course, I’ve never been further north than Toronto, but I’ve seen pictures and they look cool.

-Justin Trudeau seems like a charismatic and laid back guy, and someone whom I’d like to have a beer with. That is usually our voting criteria here in the States…that’s how it works up there, also, right?

-Maple syrup is a very underrated condiment and ingredient. Forget the fake stuff, give me real maple syrup or GTFO.

-Canada has a strong market-based economy AND a relatively successful welfare system! Gee, imagine that.



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