HUD: Hypocrisy Under Donald

Ben Carson is reportedly in line to join Donald Trump’s cabinet, as HUD (Housing and Urban Development) secretary. In fact, Trump said just as much on his Twitter page, which is the only consistent form of communication from the president-elect thus far.

This, despite Carson saying just a week ago that he wouldn’t join Trump’s cabinet because he felt that he didn’t have the experience needed for it. Of course, Carson obviously felt he had enough experience to run for president earlier this year. But, hey, who needs political experience to become president, anyway? Not Donald Trump, who had never worked in politics in any capacity before getting elected as president.

If Carson, as an African American, does actually become HUD secretary, it would be interesting. The only qualification for this job — which would predominantly consist of overseeing federally subsidized housing for low income people — that Trump seemingly sees in Carson, is his race. Why would Trump want Carson as Housing and Urban Development secretary? There is only one logical reason: attempting to redeem himself for discriminating against African-Americans and other minorities at his rental properties in the 1970’s.

Back in 1973, Trump was actually sued by the Department Of Justice for discriminating against minority tenants. 

This wasn’t a one time thing, but a systematic and blatant discrimination that went on for a few years, against hundreds of potential tenants. Back then, Trump was still working with his father Fred, who was infamously arrested at a KKK rally in the 1920’s, and whose money and credit lines were the sole reason that “self-made” Donald Trump was able to start his real estate career.

Donald Trump settled with the DOJ in 1975, but he was charged again in 1978 for non-compliance of the DOJ terms imposed on him. After millions of dollars in fines and years of federal oversight, Trump would decide to get out of the low income housing rental market for good and start making his way into Manhattan, where he would see much higher profits and notoriety in the 1980’s with his mixed-use office buildings and condos.

As a man who worked in the medical field his entire life, Ben Carson is seemingly unqualified to oversee federally subsidized housing in this country. But, Donald Trump is obviously unqualified to be president, so maybe it will be a perfect match. Hey, it could be worse: at least Carson isn’t being touted to become the Secretary of Education…


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