Nancy Grace leaves HLN, the internet rejoices

Nancy Grace has announced she is leaving her long-running show at Headline News (HLN). All over social media, people are rejoicing. And I don’t blame them one bit.

Grace is a mediocre interviewer and a horrible human being. How bad are her interview and humanity skills? Well, people have actually KILLED themselves after being interviewed by her! Grace has been linked to 2 separate suicides, and has settled out of court with the families, for the cases of two women who killed themselves, reportedly because of Grace bullying them on air and off air.

And this is why I hate Nancy Grace: she loves to bully people, but she withers under the spotlight when people attempt to retaliate. She is a female version of Donald Trump: where using a reductive form of narrative like Twitter hashtags (especially with the word “tot”, probably because she eats a lot of tater tots), and repetitively using ill-informed, disingenuous soundbites is the way to get ratings. She will literally do anything to gain ratings. But when Grace is actually asked questions about HER actions, she lies, gets angry, whines, and cries, as in the case of Jim Norton’s recent interview of her. I’m not exaggerating: Grace DID cry…at least she admitted as much on another one of TV’s worst shows, The View. 

I’m sure Nancy Grace will find some other marginally relevant cable network to give a show on, but until then we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief, like the exonerated Duke lacrosse team in 2007.